"If you ain't got nothin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for."

Christina. SoCal. Chinese, Vietnamese, & Filipino. Good Company, good vibes. Some people say I think negative, I'd like to call it being a realist. There's just somethings in this world that you cannot obtain no matter how hard you work at it.

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of y'all here.

Killing time while I correct my FAFSA. -______-‘
Btw, I should shoot myself in the head for making the damn kissy face. What is this? 6th grade?..

Killing time while I correct my FAFSA. -______-‘

Btw, I should shoot myself in the head for making the damn kissy face. What is this? 6th grade?..

I love how everybody thinks their so damn original, when they’re not. Every trend that people try to “create” or claim as their own has been done already. Maybe it’s new to our generation, but for real, people gotta stop saying shit’s theirs and that they started it, because they didn’t.

If a guy claims to be so damn original, tell me why I can spot another nigga in the streets with the quickness who has the same “swag” as him? The same goes with most females, no matter what typ’a swag they have, there’s always someone out there that dresses extremely similar to them.

I find it pretty amusing when people accuse others of having a “big mouth” when in actuality — everybody runs their damn mouth. No matter if its to their family, their circle of friends, or their other group of friends. Once you say shit, that’s not a life-threatening and/or deep dark personal secret, it will be put out there by somebody.

Anonymous said: what school do you go too?

Pasadena City College

Last night’s Boogiezone class w/ Alex Ow from Danz People & United Groovers.

Singaporeans can get it though! HAHA

I don’t know why TF I was in the front -_-“. Fucking up.


Natural Elements - Second Hand Smoke

I was looking everywhere for this. I fucking LOVE the use of Erykah Badu’s On & On in this track.

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I’m going to quit smoking. Maybe not today, this month, or by this year, but soon enough. I admit I’m addicted, but I’ve honestly been trying to cut down, and I feel like I’m making more progress than when I had my friends breathing down my neck about quitting. It’s really hard to stop cold turkey if you’ve been smoking for a coool minute. I started back in late ‘05, (but quit out of the blue for a whole year… which I do not recommend doing) so this november will sadly be my 6th year. It’s ridiculous how far this addiction has taken me… I’ve done some shameful shit just for a stoggie, heh. (nothing sexual though, of course.)

I wonder what my life will be like without smoking?

Anonymous said: vcard?


I’m gonna live with a shiba inu, a corgi, and a pomeranian… or a hot dog. : )

Anonymous said: Youve got a dope taste in music girl where did it come from?

Wow, thanks. I really don’t know where it came from… it’s just what I knew since I was young. I grew up with four older bros, so whatever they used to listen to, I would. I really wanted to be one of the dudes, but it just ended up becoming more like a lifestyle. I still have a lot to learn though. But, yeah, I thank my brothers, heh. If it wasn’t for ‘em… God knows what I’d be listening to right now, lol.

I thought family was supposed to be there for each other? Must not be a standard in our family. Money is good, money is great, but does money overrule blood-ties? How the hell are you gonna say you’re tryna help out my family, if two months later you start suing us and giving us a three day notice? $5,680? Are you fucking shitting me? Man, fuck you. You can kiss my ass when I start making the big bucks. Greedy ass motherfucker.

Pharoahe Monch ft Common & Talib - The Truth

There’s this empty feeling that keeps overpowering the rest of my emotions. No matter how much happiness I surround myself or occupy myself with… it seems like nothing will suffice. I’m not necessarily unhappy with my life, maybe a little discontent, but surely not unhappy. So — I keep on wondering: Why is this feeling so much more prominent than the others? It doesn’t make any sense.