"If you ain't got nothin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for."

Christina. SoCal. Chinese, Vietnamese, & Filipino. Good Company, good vibes. Some people say I think negative, I'd like to call it being a realist. There's just somethings in this world that you cannot obtain no matter how hard you work at it.

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of y'all here.

Anonymous said: how often do you break?

Hmm. I sesh about once or twice a week… only because I’m also on a choreo team. I know it’s bad and I need to be more consistent with my training but it’s hard juggling school, work, bills, choreo, and seshing all at the same time. :/

I’m so torn, guys. Bangs… or no bangs? Sigh.
I can either choose to look 10 or 12.

I’m so torn, guys. Bangs… or no bangs? Sigh.

I can either choose to look 10 or 12.

Yes, I’m short. I get it.

I may be tiny, but I’ll still whoop your ass lol.

j2dao2dah2dan said: i think you need to read my choreo vs hip hop blog its from april its pretty good just so that you have clarity on the subject lol

Will do. :) Are you implying that I don’t understand the concept?

I’ve always been asked, why do I choose to dance choreo. Why don’t I just leave it and focus completely on bgirling, and I think I have finally found out why I choose to maintain both: Because I love all styles. It’d be great if I become dope AF in breaking, but picking up choreo is a skill too, it’s not as easy as y’all think it is.  I love street styles tho, forsure. Whenever I’m at popping/breakin jams, I feel so hyped up to cypher. I love the fact that I don’t have to think “Oh, shit. What move comes after this?” because my body just moves to its own accord, to the beat the DJ is spinning. The fact of the matter is, Choreo will always have a piece of my heart as welll.. and I can’t fathom the idea of leaving it behind either.\

This. Again. For clarification.

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Anonymous said: where do you work if u dont mind me asking

I don’t mind— I work at an auto performance shop as a secretary.

matthewfive said: HELLO

Ohhh… not you, lol! JK.

Hello~ ^^

I don’t want to give up, but I’m not one to wear my heart on my sleeves. I’m blunt to friends and what-not, but when it comes to you… I’m so weak. I don’t like seeing myself like this. I would continue writing, but I feel like I’ll expose too much of my inner thoughts… and nowadays, I feel like speaking or writing to anyone, is not safe.


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These fierce bitches haha.

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Time to become even more self-reliant..